Dupont Cheese has been in operations for 49 years, but the tradition of cheesemaking goes back a lot further. Fred Laack and his son, Jon own and operate Dupont Cheese Inc. and are joined by Jon’s son, Trevor, making this a five-generation family of cheese makers.

Fred is the youngest of brothers to make cheese and the son of cheese maker, Harry Laack, but the rich tradition goes back to his grandfather Leon’s days making cheese in Greenleaf, WI.

In 1970, Fred & Ann Laack purchased Dupont Cheese Factory in Marion WI that first made cheese in 1910. At that time the plant had three conventional vats with about 35,000 pounds of milk a day. Today we run about 170,000 pounds of milk and can go up to 200,000 pounds when things get busy. We’re making six days a week about five vats a day. We make approximately 17,000 pounds of cheese a day on the average.

Pictured – Jon, Fred, and Trevor Laack